Aspects Harmonic Variations

Aspects Harmonic Variations


Aspects is a set of variations - harmonic variations. Many composers have set about showing their inventiveness by taking a simple theme and manipulating it into all kinds of wonderful melodies but still using the theme as their base. This work uses a set of chords rather than a melody, from which nine different treatments have been worked. Each short segment has its own sound world alluded to in each title.

i). Theme

ii). Variation 1 Searching For The Idea

iii). Variation 2: The Waltz Of Madness

iv). Variation 3: The Chase

v). Variation 4: Secrets Of The Cathedral

vi). Variation 5: Caught In The Maze

vii). Variation 6: Oceans

viii. Variation 7: Rude Man

x). Variation 8: Cycle Of Thinking

x). Variation 9: Mighty Nature

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